Cash Flow Management

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Cash Flow Management

Cash is an essential resource. We provide our business forward. To help you stay on top of your cash flow, we set you up with accounting software that sends you daily data from the bank and other sources to keep your decision making in line with your business.

We have seen plenty of cash flow disasters in our time. We know how to stay ahead of the curve by helping you steer clear of financial roadblocks. We will share with you our tactics to minimise outstanding accounts to be paid on time. We also provide regular reviews to highlight unnecessary expenses to where, when and how your cash can be used to push you to keep more cash in your pocket.

How We Help

We provide strategies to help you maximise cash flow and take control of your business.

Tax returns

Tax planning and concessions

International tax consulting (including US & UK returns)

Deceased estates and multiple year returns

Salary sacrifice

Rental properties

Centrelink assistance


Experience The Benefits Of Better Control

The Horizon Group is focused on cash flow so you can live the life you want


Individual tax returns were lodged last year.
(Source: ATO)


Australians use a tax agent to lodge their tax.
(Source: ATO)


People have an interest in a rental property in Australia.
(Source: ATO)

7 Cash Flow Mistakes

Discover the major errors which are holding your business back from better profits.

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