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HORIZON General Insurance Brokers

Business Insurance

We help you protect your investment in assets, people & reputation


Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

We’ll work closely with you to help you setup and then manage your self-managed super fund

SMSF Audits

We teach you what you can & can’t do in your SMSF & direct access to SMSF auditors to ask questions

How We Help

We go beyond basic number-crunching, relying on real-time data to share ways to maximise your cash flow.

Minimise Tax

We’ll make sure you are not losing money by paying too much tax.

Control Cash Flow

Understand your numbers so you feel more confident about where your money is each month.


Do you keep running into the same financial roadblocks? We’ll help you steer clear of them.

Get Paid Faster

Discover the tactics to minimise outstanding accounts and be paid on time.

Reduce Expenses

Our regular reviews will cut unnecessary expenses so you have more cash in your pocket.

Maximise Profits

Learn how to create recurring revenue streams and grow your customer base.

Better Clarity

Let’s create a budget and a forecast so you feel more confident about the future.

Smarter Decisions

Get the advice of an experienced financial professional to grow your business faster.

Regular Contact

We prefer to meet with you regularly so you are always up to date on your financial progress.

7 Cash Flow Mistakes

Discover the major errors which are holding your business back from better profits.

Your Next Steps

Have A Chat With Our Team

Talk to us to find out how Horizons Group will help your business achieve its goals.

Plan Your Services

We offer tailored packages so you only pay for what you need.

Enjoy Better Peace Of Mind

Work with us on an ongoing basis to get a better understanding of your finances.