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While you use your expertise to help others, let us use our expertise to help you achieve your financial goals. Horizon Accountants & Advisory can engage with you to provide quality accounting and financial support allowing you to focus on meeting the needs of your clients.

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll

Focus on your passion while we focus on supporting you. Bookkeeping, payroll, financial reports and tax are affordable through our quality assured services.

Audit & Assurance

Partner with our specialist audit team who are experts in trust account audits, internal control systems and corporate governance frameworks to take your business to the next level.


Of Employers

Almost 14% of small business employers in Australia are professional services businesses. (Source: ABS 8165.0)


Of Workers

Professional services businesses have employed over 9% of workers in Australia over the last decade. (Source: ABS 8155.0)



Earnings in the professional services industry has grown at almost 5.5% per year over the last decade. (Source: ABS 8155.0)



In August 2018, 57% of people employed in professional services were male. (Source: ABS 6291.