Health Care

While you’re busy keeping Australians well and healthy, Horizon Accountants & Advisory has the specialist knowledge required to provide you with financial guidance as a doctor, specialist or welfare practitioner. Horizon Accountants & Advisory can take care of you and your business while you take care of your clients and patients.

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll

Focus on your passion while we focus on supporting you. Bookkeeping, payroll, financial reports and tax are affordable through our quality assured services.


Of Employers

Only 7% of small business employers in Australia operate in health care and social services. (Source: ABS 8165.0)


Of Workers

Health care and social services are the second largest employer in Australia employing over 11% of workers. (Source: ABS 8155.0)



Earnings in health care and social services have grown rapidly at almost 7.9% per year over the last decade. (Source: ABS 8155.0)



In August 2018, 79% of health care and social workers were female. (Source: ABS 6291.